Beauty and the Beast Cast List 2019

2:00-3:30 3:30-5:00
Stella H. Narrator #1 Sarah A.
Kate C. Narrator #2 Leah A.
Embry S. Narrator #3 Reagan L.
Lily R. Narrator #4 Cerra M.
Kylie H. Belle Julianna W.
Daniel M. Maurice Dillon P.
Gannon S. Beast Dylan M.
Garrett S. Gaston Brady S.
Theo M. Lefou Micah R.
Sophia D. Silly Girl #1 Larkin M.
Josi A. Silly Girl #2 Grace G.
Jonna S. Silly Girl #3 Kennedy L.
Ryan S. Lumiere Will H.
Kenna H. Cogsworth Silas C.
Lily Brooke P. Mrs. Potts Kara P.
Callie H. Babette Lydia A.
Catherine T. Madame De La Grande Bouche Hannah P.
Tiffany R. Chip Carter B.
Lydia W. Old Beggar/Enchantress Arabella H.
Max H. Monsieru D’arque Noah A.
Kyra J. Servers/Villagers/Dishes Leigha R.
Sydney G. Servers/Villagers/Dishes Violet K.
Paelyn M. Servers/Villagers/Dishes McKinley L.
Madelyn H. Servers/Villagers/Dishes Nadia M.
Elena C. Servers/Villagers/Dishes Kate V.
DeDe L. Servers/Villagers/Dishes Miley W.
Lyndsey V. Servers/Villagers/Dishes Hadley O.
Chase E. Servers/Villagers/Dishes Jackson L.
Emily Y. Servers/Villagers/Dishes Meli G.
Natalie W. Servers/Villagers/Dishes Oliviah C.
Catherine P. Servers/Villagers/Dishes Kamryn D.
Brooklyn P. Servers/Villagers/Dishes Sophie H.
Ty C. Servers/Villagers/Dishes Jasmine S.
Lillian C. Servers/Villagers/Dishes
Misc. lines and solos will be given out to Servers/Villagers and Dishes who are in rehearsals at that time.  They will also appear in the choreography of the attended rehearsals.  Attendance for the ensemble is extremely important as they will be in most of the scenes.
Please let us know if you are not doing the show ASAP or if there is a problem.