Cast of Frozen Jr. 2020

Frozen Jr.
Young Anna / EnsembleHannah P.
Middle Anna / EnsembleEmily. F
AnnaJazzlyn T.
Young Elsa / EnsembleKinzley B.
Middle Elsa / EnsembleLily Brooke P.
ElsaLinda  C.
King Agnarr / EnsembleWill H.
Queen Iduna / EnsembleAmelie T.
Pabbie / EnsembleBella
Bulda / EnsembleBonnie F.
Bishop / EnsembleAnna J.
KristoffPheonix B.
SvenSydney G.
HansMicah L.
Weselton / EnsembleHadley O.
OlafBrady S.
Oaken / EnsembleTristan W.
EnsembleDelani R.
Jenna B.
Ty C.
Silas C.
Dylan M.
Maya D.
Kylie H.
Kenna H.

Rehearsals begin Jan 11.  2:00pm.

(There were some actors who listed The History od Dating as a conflict.  This is not true.  Please look at your History of Dating rehearsal times starting in January. Blue Group 10:30 am / Purple Group 11:30 am.   This was also provided on the parent sheet at auditions. )