Carol Burnett Casts and Skits 2020

Presented by the Spotlight Players

Carol Skits and Roles

  1. Dentist – Darrell (Tim), John (Harvey) – (directed by Darrell)
  2. Flight 13 to Nowhere – Zoe (Carol), Duane (Harvey), Sally (Nan), John (Ken), Gary Bowling (Lyle), Nathanial (Bob), Caleb (Don), Macy (Vicki) – (Directed by John)
  3. As the Stomach Turns #2 – Charla (Carol), Darrell (Tim), Maria (Vicki), John (Ken), Gary Burchfield (Lyle), Paula (Bonnie) – (Directed by Chad)
  4. Most Happy Stella – John (Harvey), Duane (Lyle), Maria (Carol), Gary Burchfield (Don), Caleb (Carl), Sally (Minister), Farmhands (Charla, Gary Bowling, Nathanial, Macy) – (Directed by Chad)
  5. Bonnie and Clod – Sally (Carol), Darrell (Harvey) – (Directed by Sally)
  6. The Coffee Commercial – Paula (Carol), Zoe (Debbie), Duane (Harvey) (Directed by Paula)
  7. Hospital Nudge – Charla (Carol), Gary Bowling (Harvey), Gary Burchfield (Lyle) – (Directed by Charla)
  8. Gone with the Breeze – Sally (Carol), Darrell (Harvey), John (Dick) – (Directed by Chad)
  9. Old Folks – Maria (Carol), Duane (Harvey) – (Directed by Chad)
  10. Truck Stop Nudge – Paula (Carol), Darrell (Harvey), Gary Burchfield (Lyle), Macy (Vicki) (directed by Chad)
  11. Rent-A-Car – Maria (Lucy), Paula (Carol), Darrell (Harvey), Zoe (Girl), John (Tim) – (Directed by Chad)
  12. The Show Must Go On – Charla (Carol), John (Harvey), Darrell (Tim), Duane (Don) (directed by Chad)

Extra actors will be added to scenes on dress week as needed.