The Wizard of Oz Cast 2020

Congratulations Everyone!

All who are not in both casts are invited and welcome to be the technicians and backstage help for the opposite cast. That way, you can be part of both groups and gain as much experience

Updated 2/20/20 – 10:30pm

Jazzlyn T.TotoJazzlyn T.
DeLani R.DorothyDeLani R.
Brady S.ScarecrowAustin J.
Sydney G.Tin WoodmanSydney G.
Chandler M.Cowardly LionHadley O.
Jasmine S.Witch of the North/GlindaEmily F.
Charli O.Wicked Witch of the WestJessica S.
Micah L.Wizard of Oz/Winkie #2Micah L.
Kinzley B.Munchkin #1/Winkie #1Hunter E.
Maya D.Munchkin #2/Master WinkieWes S.
Dustin D.Munchkin #3Ricky V.
Jessica S.Soldier with the Green WhiskersLukas J.