Harvey Cast 2020

Harvey Cast 2020 First Read-Through, Tuesday, February 25 – 7:00 pm – Mr. Chad’s House (501 Hwy 1016)
Elwood P. Dowd Darrell Harrison
Dr. Sanderson Luke Madden
Dr. Chumley John Harter
Judge Gaffney Dameyon Beaman
Wilson Chad Hembree
E.J. Lofgren Gary Bowling
Veta Simmons Jennifer Escobar
Nurse Kelly Angel King
Myrtle Mae Simmons Lydia Escobar
Ethel Chauvenet Kyrsten Daugherty
Betty Chumley Letha Hembree
Cast members will be asked to fill the following roles as well.
1.       Mr. and Mrs. Cummings Uncast / non-speaking
2.       Mayor Uncast / non-speaking
3.       Old Man Jackson Uncast / non-speaking
4.       School superintendent Uncast / non-speaking
5.       Fire chief Uncast / non-speaking
6.       Police chief Uncast / non-speaking
7.       Mrs. Washington Uncast / non-speaking
8.       Reverend Halsey Uncast / non-speaking