STARS Class Work March 18, 2020

Greek Comedy Style

The Characters:

Gamora: Has Daddy issues

Iron Man: Ego, no heart

Captain American: Natural born leader, the others like to joke about his age.

Thor: Perpetual teenager (Although he is over 1500yo, full of self-pity)

Hulk: Loves black widow, has anger issues

Spiderman: Sony owns him so does he belong?, Parent and family issues

Wasp: Fly swatter will be used to try to run her off

Invisible Woman: Becomes the new leader,  All members walk of in Different directions in the end.

Black widow: Crush on Thor, Captain America, Hulk, and Iron Man

Scarlett witch: Over emotional

Captain Marvel: Over powerful

The Plot:

Captain and Iron Man are arguing about who should be the leader.

The other characters join the argument.

Cap and Iron Man are told by Black Widow neither are fit to lead because they argue too much.  Everyone else agrees.

Every other character explains why they should lead. Each is dismissed by another character.

Finally, the Invisible Woman is chosen as the leader and says, “follow me”.  Everyone is confused because they cannot see her, and all walk off in different directions.

Assignment: Write dialogue for the characters.  Send scripts to