DeCeased Disaster – An Online Murder Mystery

All the STARS students will be participating in on last entirely online project before returning to class on July 11th.

This online murder mystery is being shot as a detective-style drama with each STARS student playing the role of a suspect.

STARS must create a character background, name, and any other details by June 11.  Send it to Mr. Chad Mr. Chad will inform the murderer who they are and only they will know.  Everyone else will need to come up with an alibi and the character’s stories will be blended together at the next STARS Lab June 15.

The recording will take place online with each individual student then edited together.

The scenario is:

Mr. DeCeased is hosting his annual Halloween costume party. About halfway through the party Mr. DeCecease disappears.  The costumed patrons slowly say their goodbyes and leave. The last patron looks for Mr DeCeased and does not find him, so they assume he may be in the bathroom and lock the door behind them when they leave.  The next morning the maid finds Mr. DeCeased’s body and calls the police.  Each suspect is interviewed by the detective, but only one of them is guilty. Who is it? Why did they do it? Only Mr. DeCeased and the murder know the answer.