Caught in the Web Cast List 2021

With the exception of Derek Apple and Sarah Kendall, every other actor must take on at least 2 more roles and as many as 4 more, but we need to see about costume changes before assigning them.

This show is going to be great fun.


Phoenix B. –  Derek Apple
Mason H. – Rick Apple
Caleb K. – The Google/Tim/Fruit Ninja/Coffee Study 1
Brady S. – Miserable Cat
Silas C. – Nigerian Prince
Jazzlyn .T – Sarah Kendall
Maya D. – Janet Kendall
Lily Brooke P. – Glinda the Good/Charts
Hadley O. – Twitter
Kenna H. – Goofy Cat/Doctor 4/Hamster
Trinity A. – Facebook/Doctor 3/Stock Market/Strawberry/Spam
Jaden G. – Sirilexa/Doctor 2/Cherry/Yani Laurel/Catfisher
Sydney G. – Wicked Witch
Callie H. – Scaredy Cat/Google Maps/Doctor 1/Orange/Virus
Alexandria W. – Blythe/Google Messenger/Laser Pointer/IRS Scammer/Doctor 5