The Three Little Pigs Performances (Aug 13 & 14)

Goldilocks, fresh from her adventure with The Three Bears, now becomes involved in a new story. In this special participation version of the familiar tale, the audience members help out by supplying straw, sticks and bricks for the homes of the Three Little Pigs. In addition, the audience supplies extra actors for the play, including two of the pigs! With the help of the audience, Goldie comes to the aid of the pigs in their quest for a home that will truly keep ”the wolf from the door.”

This is a student lead production as part of the STARS Studio summer projects.
Directed by Bea McCoy and Assisted by Mr. Chad

Aug 13 – Friday – 6:30 pm
Aug 14 – Saturday – 6:30 pm

Tickets available at the door.
No reservations.
$10 Standard
$6 Student