Only the Caterpillar, Cheshire Cat, and Alice are called to rehearsal (Tuesday 8/2 at 7:30 pm)
The entire cast is requested for a read-through and meeting (Thursday 8/4 at 7:30 pm)
Legally Blonde Cast members come as soon as you can, but do not leave dress rehearsal early.

By Lewis Carroll
Play by Chad Hembree

The cards will also play as flowers and other creatures.
All card actors have several lines of dialogue.
There is no non-speaking ensemble in this production.

Red Queen – Dana Hendren
White Queen – Paula Davis
Both the Red Queen and White Queen will oversee the entire progression of the show,
but not so much as narrators as interactive characters.

Alice – Jasmine Sexton
White Rabbit – Maddy Rodriquez
Mad Hatter – Reagan Lueker
March Hare – Josi Anderson
Dormouse – McKinley Lueker
Humpty Dumpty – Eva Hendren
The Queen of Hearts – Susan Coleman
The King of Hearts – Ethan Baker
Cheshire Cat – Mason Hembree
Dutchess – Sherry LaBar
Mock Turtle – Lee Estes
Gryphon – Aubrey Rowlett
Frog – Addyson Fischer
Tweedle Dee – Kai Kukas-Choate
Tweedle Dum – Theo McPherson
Caterpillar – Edwin Tait
Knave – Jackson Lueker

(Cards – Hearts)
Carroll (Alice’s Sister) / Ace – Kennedy Lueker
Two-Spot – Adalynn Coleman
Five-Spot – Sydney Ray
Seven-Spot – Anaeity McPherson
Eight-Spot – Phoebe Williams
Ten-Spot – Alaina Hendren

Costumers – Denessa McPherson & Lee Estes
The entire cast is responsible for assisting in finding items for costumes and props.
Director – Chad Hembree
Assistant Director – ???
CREW – ???

NOTE* – This entire production will be filmed. Every rehearsal and multiple interviews.