Audition / Enroll


Here are some things you should know before auditioning or you may jump to for a  list of upcoming auditions.

AUDITION DETAILS: Each production will have a detailed description of the audition process.  Auditions are listed here.

3 Month Enrollment $85.00 per month
6 Month Enrollment $75.00 per month
12 Month Enrollment $65.00 per month

DISCOUNTS: Multi-child Discounts Available.

FINANCIAL AID: Call 859-986-0423 for questions about assistance.

CLOSED REHEARSALS: Rehearsals are closed to visitors and parents. Please inform anyone that may be providing transportation to your child that they will need to wait outside or go somewhere else during rehearsal.

To enroll, show up at an audition/registration event.

Call 859-986-0423 for more information.

Click here for a list of upcoming auditions.

*In the case of inclement weather, schedules are subject to change.