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Harvey Cast 2020

Harvey Cast 2020 First Read-Through, Tuesday, February 25 – 7:00 pm – Mr. Chad’s House (501 Hwy 1016)
Elwood P. Dowd Darrell Harrison
Dr. Sanderson Luke Madden
Dr. Chumley John Harter
Judge Gaffney Dameyon Beaman
Wilson Chad Hembree
E.J. Lofgren Gary Bowling
Veta Simmons Jennifer Escobar
Nurse Kelly Angel King
Myrtle Mae Simmons Lydia Escobar
Ethel Chauvenet Kyrsten Daugherty
Betty Chumley Letha Hembree
Cast members will be asked to fill the following roles as well.
1.       Mr. and Mrs. Cummings Uncast / non-speaking
2.       Mayor Uncast / non-speaking
3.       Old Man Jackson Uncast / non-speaking
4.       School superintendent Uncast / non-speaking
5.       Fire chief Uncast / non-speaking
6.       Police chief Uncast / non-speaking
7.       Mrs. Washington Uncast / non-speaking
8.       Reverend Halsey Uncast / non-speaking

The Wizard of Oz Cast 2020

Congratulations Everyone!

All who are not in both casts are invited and welcome to be the technicians and backstage help for the opposite cast. That way, you can be part of both groups and gain as much experience

Updated 2/20/20 – 10:30pm

10:30-11:30 11:30-12:30
Jazzlyn T. Toto Jazzlyn T.
DeLani R. Dorothy DeLani R.
Brady S. Scarecrow Austin J.
Sydney G. Tin Woodman Sydney G.
Chandler M. Cowardly Lion Hadley O.
Jasmine S. Witch of the North/Glinda Emily F.
Charli O. Wicked Witch of the West Jessica S.
Micah L. Wizard of Oz/Winkie #2 Micah L.
Kinzley B. Munchkin #1/Winkie #1 Hunter E.
Maya D. Munchkin #2/Master Winkie Wes S.
Dustin D. Munchkin #3 Ricky V.
Jessica S. Soldier with the Green Whiskers Lukas J.


Giants in the Sky Cast 2020

Giants in the Sky
Saturdays at 9:30
Heeshee Ava M.
Bert Landon S.
Finn Adalyn C.
Yorg Barrick G.
Mel Jackson L.
Vin Nadia M.
Olin Maya C.
Row Sienna P.
Sye Madison K.
Abe Paelyn M.
Jordan Tiffany R.
Phlem Elizabeth T.
Ike Adrian M.
Jed Theo D.
Allie Clara D.
Quale/Student Robyn N.
Cal/Student Jackson H.
Sven/Student Evan H.
Pat/Student Xanthe P.
Bev/Gamer Adie A.
Zeek/Gamer McKinley L.
Ernst/Gamer Macy M.
Gene/Gamer Maddie M.

Music Man Jr Cast List 2020

Rehearsal Time: 10:30-12:00
1 1/2 hour rehearsal each Saturday

Performance Weekend: May 8-10

Harold Hill – Dylan M.

Marcellus – Ty C.

Charlie Cowell – Gannon S.

Mayor Shinn – Silas C.

Eulalie Shinn – Catherine T.

Marian – Kylie H.

Mrs. Paroo – Callie H.

Amaryllis – Grace G.

Winthrop – Carter B.

Tommy – Theo M.

Zaneeta – Bella C.

Alma – Hannah P.

Ethel – Kara P.

Constable Locke/Wan Tan Ye/Towns – Embry S.

Gracie Shinn – Sienna P.

Maud – Larkin M.

Conductor – Kenna H.

Mrs. Squires – Shelby L.

Salesman #1/Towns – Sarah A.

Salesman #2/Towns – Leah A.

Salesman #3/Towns – Gabby W.

Salesman #4/Towns – Briley D.

Salesman #5/Towns – Arabella H.

Boy’s Band/Towns – Dillan D.

Boy’s Band/Towns – Daegan B.

Boy’s Band/Towns – Noah H.

Wan Tan Ye/Towns – Lydia A.

Wan Tan Ye/Towns – Tiffany R.

Wan Tan Ye/Towns – Lily R.

Wan Tan Ye/Towns – Paxton D.

Cast of Frozen Jr. 2020

Frozen Jr.
Young Anna / Ensemble Hannah P.
Middle Anna / Ensemble Emily. F
Anna Jazzlyn T.
Young Elsa / Ensemble Kinzley B.
Middle Elsa / Ensemble Lily Brooke P.
Elsa Linda  C.
King Agnarr / Ensemble Will H.
Queen Iduna / Ensemble Amelie T.
Pabbie / Ensemble Bella
Bulda / Ensemble Bonnie F.
Bishop / Ensemble Anna J.
Kristoff Pheonix B.
Sven Sydney G.
Hans Micah L.
Weselton / Ensemble Hadley O.
Olaf Brady S.
Oaken / Ensemble Tristan W.
Ensemble Delani R.
Jenna B.
Ty C.
Silas C.
Dylan M.
Maya D.
Kylie H.
Kenna H.

Rehearsals begin Jan 11.  2:00pm.

(There were some actors who listed The History od Dating as a conflict.  This is not true.  Please look at your History of Dating rehearsal times starting in January. Blue Group 10:30 am / Purple Group 11:30 am.   This was also provided on the parent sheet at auditions. )

Magic Treehouse Dinosaurs Cast List 2020

BLUE 1:00-2:00 PURPLE 2:00-3:00
Jeriah J. Jack Leo K.
Paige G. Annie Brooklyn P.
Rose R. Otto Draken S.
Lily L. Stump Joel R.
Graham R. Henry Bastian K.
Augie B. Gary Adrian M.
Aria B. Terri Tiffany R.
Landon S. Larry Sam M.
Elizabeth T. Natty Lilly C.
Shannon P. Susan Riley L.
Bethany L. Joan Violet K.
Clara D. Sapling/Baby Dino Sophie H.
Bridget R. Sapling/Baby Dino Alyssa P.
Mya Y. Sapling/Baby Dino Maddox C.
Evalyn F. Dino Groups Jaxson B.
Sofia C. Dino Groups Leighanne H.
Jasper S. Dino Groups Lucy R.
Dino Groups Amirra R.

The Hounds of Baskervilles Cast List 2020



Character Blue Purple
Jennie Watson Reagan L. Callie H.
Shirley Holmes Kara P. Josi A.
Dr. Maxine Mortimer Hannah P. Emily B.
Sir Henry Baskerville Noah A. Gannon S.
John Stapleton Kenna H. Arabella H.
Dorthea Stapleton Leah A. Miley W.
Barrymore Kai K. Rocker R.
Mrs. Barrymore Iris D. Sarah A.
Hugo Baskerville Silas C. Teagan R.
Sir Charles Baskerville Catherine T. Dillon D.
Seldon Silas C. Teagan R.
Laura Lyons Nadia M. Jaden G.
Victoria Lestrade Kennedy L. Grace G.
Assistant Director Saylour B Saylour B.
Henchman, Maid,  Crowd Sarah A. Leah A.
Saylour B Saylour B.
Others to be assigned Others to be assigned

The History of Dating Cast List 2019

Blue Character Purple
Brady Sexton Professor Curio Brady Sexton
Jessica Stone Professor Amore’ Lily Brooke Pearson
Austin Jacobson Man Silas Cornette
Delani Reynolds Woman Sydney Garrett
Wes Stokes Waiter Will Harter
Hunter Enciu Alpha Male Hunter Enciu
Ty Cain Beta Male Ty Cain
Bethany Johnson Females Hannah Patten
Hadley O’Bryan Callie Harris
Wes Stokes Egyptian Father Will Harter
Kylie Hammonds Egyptian Daughter Kylie Hammonds
Hunter Enciu Greek Man Hunter Enciu
Irene Kazee Greek Woman Irene Kazee
Delani Reynolds Greek Woman 2 Sydney Garrett
Jenna Briggs Greek Woman 3 Jenna Briggs
Greek Woman 4
Wes Stokes Olmec Man Will Harter
Austin Jacobson Olmec Man 2 Silas Cornette
Bethany Johnson Olmec Woman Callie Harris
Kylie Hammonds Olmec Woman 2 Kylie Hammonds
Hadley O’Bryan Olmec Woman 3 Hannah Patten
Delani Reynolds Roman Woman Sydney Garrett
Jenna Briggs Roman Woman 2 Jenna Briggs
Irene Kazee Roman Woman 3 Irene Kazee
Hunter Enciu Mongolian Man Hunter Enciu
Austin Jacobson Medieval Man Silas Cornette
Jenna Briggs Medieval Woman Jenna Briggs
Bethany Johnson Messenger Callie Harris
Ty Cain Colonial Man Ty Cain
Delani Reynolds Colonial Woman Sydney Garrett
Puritan Man
Puritan Woman
Hunter Enciu Colonial Man 2 Hunter Enciu
Irene Kazee Colonial Woman 2 Irene Kazee
Wes Stokes Colonial Man 3 Will Harter
Hadley O’Bryan Colonial Woman 3 Hannah Patten
Austin Jacobson Villain Silas Cornette
Bethany Johnson Heroine Callie Harris
Hunter Enciu Hero Hunter Enciu
Pony Express
Hadley O’Bryan Flapper Hannah Patten
Irene Kazee Suffragette Irene Kazee
Kylie Hammonds Sadie Hawkins Kylie Hammonds
Wes Stokes Fella Will Harter
Austin Jacobson Fella 2 Silas Cornette
Ty Cain Fella 3 Ty Cain
Jenna Briggs Cheerleader Jenna Briggs
Delani Reynolds Cheerleader 2 Sydney Garrett
Bethany Johnson Cheerleader 3 Callie Harris
Cheerleader 4
Austin Jacobson Greaser Silas Cornette
Wes Stokes Hippie Man Will Harter
Irene Kazee Hippie Woman Irene Kazee
Eighties Man
Eighties Woman
Ty Cain Digital Man Ty Cain
Hunter Enciu Bro Hunter Enciu
Hadley O’Bryan Digital Woman Hannah Patten
Kylie Hammonds Bestie Kylie Hammonds
Male Avatar
Female Avatar
Speed Dating Host
Ty Cain Cave Man Ty Cain
Hadley O’Bryan Cave Woman Hannah Patten
Austin Jacobson Egyptian Man Silas Cornette
Kylie Hammonds Egyptian Woman Kylie Hammonds
Ty Cain Roman Man Ty Cain
Roman Seer
Bethany Johnson Wild West Woman Callie Harris
Hunter Enciu Wild West Man Hunter Enciu
Eighties Dude
Eighties Dudette
Ty Cain Chat Room Man Ty Cain
Hadley O’Bryan Chat Room Woman Hannah Patten
Delani Reynolds Speed Dating Cheerleader Sydney Garrett
Hadley O’Bryan Speed Dating Colonial Woman Hannah Patten