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Twas the Week After Christmas Cast 2019

Blue 1:00 pm Character Purple 2:00 pm
May Santa Daegan
Tiffany Mrs. C / AD Avery
Landon Rudolph Leo
Anaeity Dasher / Bamaby Sophie
Mallie Dance / Roberto Violet
Hattie Pancer / Medula Alyssa
Rose Vixen / Telula Shannon
Bridget Comet / Miriam Korrigan
Chase Cupid / Luigi Gillian
Jasper Donner / Gideon London
Graham Blitzen / Leopold Bastian
Elizabeth* Cinnamon Elizabeth*
Paige* Glitter Paige*
Robyn* Candy Robyn*
Bethany Gumdrop Ayden
Lily Licorice / Tinsel
Denotes member of both casts*

Fairy Tale Misfits Cast List 2019

Blue 8:30am Character Purple 9:30am
Miley Ms. Rosewood Lily Brooke
Jessi Ellie Sydney
Silas Groundhog Elijah
Seth Mac Rocker
Kenna Jacqueline Leah
Stella* Fork in the Road / Mama Bear Stella*
Catherine Queen Whiteout Sarah
Teagan Larry / Prince Raponio / Papa Bear Ty
Grace* Pink Pearl / Stepmother Grace*
Callie* Big Mistake / Mermaid Callie*
Haylee* Sleepless Beauty / Vegetarian Witch Haylee*
Fairy Godfather / Capt. Chinook Lauren
Hannah Goldilocks / Origami Pork Arabella
Zach Prince Appalling / Baby Bear Kai
Emily Little Red Robinhood / Troll Lillian

* in both casts

Salem’s Daughter Cast List 2019

Rehearsal starts June 22 at Noon.

Justice Markham Silas Cornette
Sarah Brooks Annie Johnson
Heather Naughton Hadley O’Bryan
Dottie Kylie Hammonds
Jeannie Elizabeth Burdine
Marcy Emily Fothergill
Toni Bethany Johnson
Jennifer Irene Kazee
Corey Dayton Brady Sexton
Sam Halloway Ty Cain
Mike Cason Hannah Paton
Detective Ellen Brent Annie Johnson
Stage Manager Laren Cathcart


Beauty and the Beast Cast List 2019

2:00-3:30 3:30-5:00
Stella H. Narrator #1 Sarah A.
Kate C. Narrator #2 Leah A.
Embry S. Narrator #3 Reagan L.
Lily R. Narrator #4 Cerra M.
Kylie H. Belle Julianna W.
Daniel M. Maurice Dillon P.
Gannon S. Beast Dylan M.
Garrett S. Gaston Brady S.
Theo M. Lefou Micah R.
Sophia D. Silly Girl #1 Larkin M.
Josi A. Silly Girl #2 Grace G.
Jonna S. Silly Girl #3 Kennedy L.
Ryan S. Lumiere Will H.
Kenna H. Cogsworth Silas C.
Lily Brooke P. Mrs. Potts Kara P.
Callie H. Babette Lydia A.
Catherine T. Madame De La Grande Bouche Hannah P.
Tiffany R. Chip Carter B.
Lydia W. Old Beggar/Enchantress Arabella H.
Max H. Monsieru D’arque Noah A.
Kyra J. Servers/Villagers/Dishes Leigha R.
Sydney G. Servers/Villagers/Dishes Violet K.
Paelyn M. Servers/Villagers/Dishes McKinley L.
Madelyn H. Servers/Villagers/Dishes Nadia M.
Elena C. Servers/Villagers/Dishes Kate V.
DeDe L. Servers/Villagers/Dishes Miley W.
Lyndsey V. Servers/Villagers/Dishes Hadley O.
Chase E. Servers/Villagers/Dishes Jackson L.
Emily Y. Servers/Villagers/Dishes Meli G.
Natalie W. Servers/Villagers/Dishes Oliviah C.
Catherine P. Servers/Villagers/Dishes Kamryn D.
Brooklyn P. Servers/Villagers/Dishes Sophie H.
Ty C. Servers/Villagers/Dishes Jasmine S.
Lillian C. Servers/Villagers/Dishes
Misc. lines and solos will be given out to Servers/Villagers and Dishes who are in rehearsals at that time.  They will also appear in the choreography of the attended rehearsals.  Attendance for the ensemble is extremely important as they will be in most of the scenes.
Please let us know if you are not doing the show ASAP or if there is a problem.

Winnie the Pooh Kids Cast 2019 

Blue Group (8:30am) Purple Group (9:30am)
Arabella Collier Pooh Bea McCoy
Kylee Barney Tigger Micah Robertson
Jeriah Johnston Piglet Sienna Pratt
Noah Hines Rabbit Beau Willmes
Jackson Herren Owl Leigha Robertson
Landon Seale Eeyore Kai Kukas
Josie Maples Kanga Adalynn Coleman
Mya Collins Roo Lillian Cummings
Noah Adams Christopher Robin Max Himes
Evan Herren Yellow Lily Long
Leo Kottkamp Red Elizabeth Tait
Paige Garrett Orange Tiffany Reed
Anaeity McPherson Green Augie Bruder
Grayson Hines Blue Theo Dorroh-Sheehan
Adie Adams Indigo Sofia Cintra
Bastian Kottkamp Bee Emily Robertson
Maddie Morris Bee Natalie Robertson
Bee Parker Willmes

Little Shop of Horrors Cast List

Seymour- Brooks K.

Audrey- Tessa P.

Mr.Mushnik- Phoenix B.

Orin Scrivello- Tarrylton

Audrey ll- Mya H.

Puppeteers- Ali K. and Caleb K.

Crystal (Greek chorus)- Izzy B.

Ronnette (Greek chorus)- Aden A.

Chiffon (Greek chorus)- Laura C.

Street Urchin- Jazzlyn T.

Street Urchin- Caraline P.

Street Urchin- Celia S.

A Voice (Not Unlike God’s)- Micah Lee

The Customer- Cassidy J.

Old Chinese Guy- Zach P.

The Patient- Bailey B.

Radio Announcer-Silas C.

Mr.Bernstein- Will H.

Mrs.Luce- Tristan W.

Skip Snip- Brady S.

Patrick M.- Dylan M.

Ensemble- Haley, Elizabeth, Ty, Emily, Kyra, Kylie, Lydia, Hadley, Kenna, Dill, Gannon, and Catherine.  —