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Beauty and the Beast Cast List 2019

2:00-3:30 3:30-5:00
Stella H. Narrator #1 Sarah A.
Kate C. Narrator #2 Leah A.
Embry S. Narrator #3 Reagan L.
Lily R. Narrator #4 Cerra M.
Kylie H. Belle Julianna W.
Daniel M. Maurice Dillon P.
Gannon S. Beast Dylan M.
Garrett S. Gaston Brady S.
Theo M. Lefou Micah R.
Sophia D. Silly Girl #1 Larkin M.
Josi A. Silly Girl #2 Grace G.
Jonna S. Silly Girl #3 Kennedy L.
Ryan S. Lumiere Will H.
Kenna H. Cogsworth Silas C.
Lily Brooke P. Mrs. Potts Kara P.
Callie H. Babette Lydia A.
Catherine T. Madame De La Grande Bouche Hannah P.
Tiffany R. Chip Carter B.
Lydia W. Old Beggar/Enchantress Arabella H.
Max H. Monsieru D’arque Noah A.
Kyra J. Servers/Villagers/Dishes Leigha R.
Sydney G. Servers/Villagers/Dishes Violet K.
Paelyn M. Servers/Villagers/Dishes McKinley L.
Madelyn H. Servers/Villagers/Dishes Nadia M.
Elena C. Servers/Villagers/Dishes Kate V.
DeDe L. Servers/Villagers/Dishes Miley W.
Lyndsey V. Servers/Villagers/Dishes Hadley O.
Chase E. Servers/Villagers/Dishes Jackson L.
Emily Y. Servers/Villagers/Dishes Meli G.
Natalie W. Servers/Villagers/Dishes Oliviah C.
Catherine P. Servers/Villagers/Dishes Kamryn D.
Brooklyn P. Servers/Villagers/Dishes Sophie H.
Ty C. Servers/Villagers/Dishes Jasmine S.
Lillian C. Servers/Villagers/Dishes
Misc. lines and solos will be given out to Servers/Villagers and Dishes who are in rehearsals at that time.  They will also appear in the choreography of the attended rehearsals.  Attendance for the ensemble is extremely important as they will be in most of the scenes.
Please let us know if you are not doing the show ASAP or if there is a problem.

Winnie the Pooh Kids Cast 2019 

Blue Group (8:30am) Purple Group (9:30am)
Arabella Collier Pooh Bea McCoy
Kylee Barney Tigger Micah Robertson
Jeriah Johnston Piglet Sienna Pratt
Noah Hines Rabbit Beau Willmes
Jackson Herren Owl Leigha Robertson
Landon Seale Eeyore Kai Kukas
Josie Maples Kanga Adalynn Coleman
Mya Collins Roo Lillian Cummings
Noah Adams Christopher Robin Max Himes
Evan Herren Yellow Lily Long
Leo Kottkamp Red Elizabeth Tait
Paige Garrett Orange Tiffany Reed
Anaeity McPherson Green Augie Bruder
Grayson Hines Blue Theo Dorroh-Sheehan
Adie Adams Indigo Sofia Cintra
Bastian Kottkamp Bee Emily Robertson
Maddie Morris Bee Natalie Robertson
Bee Parker Willmes

Little Shop of Horrors Cast List

Seymour- Brooks K.

Audrey- Tessa P.

Mr.Mushnik- Phoenix B.

Orin Scrivello- Tarrylton

Audrey ll- Mya H.

Puppeteers- Ali K. and Caleb K.

Crystal (Greek chorus)- Izzy B.

Ronnette (Greek chorus)- Aden A.

Chiffon (Greek chorus)- Laura C.

Street Urchin- Jazzlyn T.

Street Urchin- Caraline P.

Street Urchin- Celia S.

A Voice (Not Unlike God’s)- Micah Lee

The Customer- Cassidy J.

Old Chinese Guy- Zach P.

The Patient- Bailey B.

Radio Announcer-Silas C.

Mr.Bernstein- Will H.

Mrs.Luce- Tristan W.

Skip Snip- Brady S.

Patrick M.- Dylan M.

Ensemble- Haley, Elizabeth, Ty, Emily, Kyra, Kylie, Lydia, Hadley, Kenna, Dill, Gannon, and Catherine.  — 

Oklahoma Cast List 2019

Congratulations to all the cast.

The ensemble is extremely important in this show and there are many dances to learn, so please make sure you attend rehearsals. The Leads will most certainly be called for extra rehearsals.

LaureyAlyssa Bustle
CurlyMatt Manning
Aunt EllerMarsha Threlkeld
Will ParkerTarrylton Dunn
Jud FryJeremy Grant
Ado Annie CarnesJazzlyn Threlkeld
Ali HakimTristan Winstead
Gertie CummingsTessa Pickle
Andrew CarnesEdwin Tait
Ike SkidmoreKyle Shelton
FredBrady Sexton
SlimCassidy Jones
EllenCatherine Tait
KateAden Amburgey
SylvieLaura Case
ArminaKylie Hammonds
AggieLauren Cathcart
Cord ElamDillon Pickle
JessDylan Maynard
ChalmersKris Gruber
MikeJay Owens
JoeKyrsten Daugherty
SamJenna Briggs
EnsembleAngel King
Cowboys, FarmersArabella Huff
Ranchers, TownsfolkCarol Rice
Dani Gift
Denessa McPherson
Emily Fothergill
Gabby Wells
Hadley O’Bryan
Jasmine Sexton
Jennifer Woodrift
Kenna Hale
Lilly Cathcart
Lyndsey Varney
Natalie Fitzsimmons
Paula Davis
Phoenix Bills
Sherry Wells
Sophia DeShong
Trudy Tait
JR EnsembleAdi DeShong
Anaeity McPherson
Beau Wilmes
Elizabeth Tait
Leo DeShong

Junie B. Jones Cast List 2019

Junie B.Abby S.Josi A.Tiffany R.
DaddyDylan M.Lucius I.Beau W.
MotherRaegan L.Jessi K.Bella C.
LucilleKennedy L.Gabby W.Callie H.
MayEmily B.Larkin M.Haylee H.
GladysEmbry S.Bailee H.Kate C.
HerbNoah A.Rigel I.Micah R.
CamilleLyndsey V.Sydney D.Sarah A.
ChenilleAinsley P.Jonna S.Leah A.
GraceCamilla R.Emily C.Lainey P.
Bobbi JeanBethany L.Adalyn C.Mallie S.
Ms. Scary/StudentSaylour B.Miley W.Lydia W.
ShirleyDestiny V.Sophie H.Kadance D.
Mrs. Woo/StudentKelly M.Catherine P.Elizabeth T.
JosefinaSophie T.Maya C.Stella H.
Lena/LennieTeddy C.Sam M.Emma W.
SheldonRomero C.Landon S.Max H.
Lunch Student 1 /EnsMcKinley L.Dede L.Sienna P.
Lunch Student/EnsRobyn N.Victoria B.Leigha R.
Lunch Student/EnsAleigha C.Trinity B.Natalie R.
Lunch Student/EnsAdie A.Sofia C.Ady S.
Lunch Student/EnsAnna S.Avery B.Paige G.
Lunch Student/EnsEmma L.