Technology Fundraiser

Spotlight Technology Fundraiser
Goal $12000.00 (Mega Goal $15000)
by May 1st
It’s simple math
12000/(120*100) = 100% funded 
If each of our Spotlight Families donate or raise $100.00 we will meet our Goal.
If they raise $125.00 we make our Mega Goal.


We are excited to be open again, but we are experiencing some major hurdles due to our outdated and rapidly failing technology.  We would have spent the better part of the last year and a half slowly replacing items and would have been well on our way with the upgrades, but unfortunately, we were not able to spare anything extra toward maintenance.

We are replacing key computer systems, the network, and the computerized lighting and sound controllers. Every dime will directly go to improving performances and directly affect each family experience here at Spotlight. If our mega goal is reached, we will purchase our very own 4k low light video cameras for better recording with zoom capabilities. This will elevate our show recordings to provide a much better keepsake for our families.

We are asking each of our 120 families to donate or raise $100-$150 toward this technology need.  We will be offering a couple of different ways to help students and families accomplish this goal.

Ways to help meet our goal.

The easiest and most direct way is to simply donate.

  1. Donate $100 or more (tax deductible)
  2. Get three or four family members or friends to donate only $33 (Total $99-$132)

Alternatively, we can offer the following.

  1. Purchase 20 group adult/senior tickets to Steel Magnolias. Use all 20 for one performance or split it into two groups of 10. (50% of the sale will go to the fundraiser $100-$120)
  2. Recruit a student into the STARS program. 50% of the first 2 month’s tuition will go to the fundraiser $140


Spotlight Performing Arts is a 501(c)(3) charity organization and your donation is tax-deductible.

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