“Spotlight has been part of our lives since 2012. I honestly can’t imagine what it would be like without all the friends who are like family. These kids are not only developing confidence and learning how to speak publicly, they encourage each other, enjoy each other’s company, and celebrate one another’s accomplishments within and outside of Spotlight. We are truly grateful that all of our children are Spotlight students!” Katie P.

  • “Spotlight has been a blessing to my daughter. It has taught her so much about working as a team and stage presence! The directors and staff are top notch individuals with so much talent to teach our little ones. We are truly grateful to have this hidden gem in our small town! “ Jessica M.

“Spotlight has been a wonderful experience for my child and family!! My son would rather be nowhere else.” Tracey C.

  • “Spotlight has encouraged Laney to be her own person, the differences in her self-confidence are amazing!” Nichole W.

“Spotlight is such a positive activity for our rather shy kiddo. She lights up on stage! Spotlight has given her confidence to come out of her shell.” Carly C.

  • “We love Spotlight because it instills confidence and encourages teamwork all while nurturing creativity. Plus everyone leaves rehearsals and performances with a smile on their face!” Missy B.

“Spotlight means so much to our family. Spotlight met a huge need for our child. She needed a creative outlet to express herself and Spotlight fostered that need. Spotlight allowed her to become confident, allowed her to be around more children just like her, and her grades improved greatly. I love how Spotlight incorporates children with disabilities and welcomes all children with open arms. All Spotlight staff love our children and they push them to grow and learn. It truly is like a family. Not only do we love the spotlight staff, we love the other family members that we have met over the years. I feel like we have a tribe of wonderfully creative people who nurture our children. I could go on and on and on and on…………………….”
Angela H.

  • “Spotlight has been such a blessing to our entire family, providing opportunities for my children to gain confidence, overcome obstacles, and make friends and memories for a lifetime. Spotlight has also provided the opportunity for me to take part in something I love with my children! The Traylor family loves Spotlight!” Neely T.

“Spotlight Acting School is offering our daughter a wonderful venue for expressing her creative side, strengthening her voice and dance skills, and most of all, building her self-confidence!” Tena R.

  • “We love Spotlight because it has helped our son to increase his self-confidence while being in front of large crowds. This experience has brought him out of his shell he used to sneak off a stage and now he will sing a solo during a performance.” Holly S.

“Both of my kids love Spotlight! They enjoy learning about all aspects of theater and having loads of fun while doing it!” Angel K.

  • “Spotlight acting school has been instrumental in boosting my child’s confidence. She has found her passion in musical theater and has made wonderful friends.” Andrea W.

“All three of my children LOVE Spotlight! Their language skills and coordination have improved as they learn lines, songs, and choreography. We tried sports and scouts, but my kids didn’t enjoy those and they definitely were not able to do them together. Now they are able to be in shows together and they love it! Thank you, Spotlight!!” Denessa M.

  • “My son Will got to be Scar in the Lion King and it made our whole family beam with Pride. It was such a great experience. I also got to achieve one of my personal bucket lists by participating in my first ever musical Seussical. This was such an awesome experience for me and I got to act with my son Will. I highly recommend Spotlight to anyone. It is a wonderful experience for anyone with a highly organized and well-run theatre.” Vonda B.