Directed by Chad Hembree

Kristi Miller

Dr. Frankie Stein (Based on Dr. Frankenstein) (Female): A brilliant scientist with a flair for the eccentric. Frankie seeks to revolutionize the world with her groundbreaking experiments and sees the Wishstone as the key to unlocking unimaginable discoveries.

Alyssa Bustle

Luna Wolf (Based on the Wolfman) (Female): A bi-polar individual with a deep connection to nature. Luna is passionate about fighting against industrialization and pollution, viewing the Wishstone as a means to protect the natural world from human encroachment.

Brad Powell

Drake Ula (Based on Dracula) (Male): An enigmatic and timeless character, striving for eternal life and immortality. Drake is willing to go to great lengths to achieve his ambitions and considers the Wishstone as his ultimate prize.

Laura Day
Ima Spectre (Based on the Invisible Man) (Female): A mysterious and overlooked individual, yearning for recognition and visibility. Ima craves the power and influence that the Wishstone could bring, using it as a means to finally be seen and heard.

Kayla Newland
Gill Waters (Based on The Creature from the Black Lagoon) (Female): A dedicated marine biologist and environmentalist, committed to preserving endangered aquatic species. Jill believes that the Wishstone holds the key to restoring balance in the delicate ecosystems she holds dear.

Paula Davis

Marilyn Mummy (Based on the Mummy) (Female): A wealthy collector with a fascination for rare artifacts. Marilyn’s desire for the Wishstone stems from an obsession with possessing unique treasures and adding them to her private collection.

Letha Hembree
Detective Riley Noir (Female): A sharp-minded and astute investigator with a knack for solving complex mysteries. Detective Noir is determined to uncover the truth behind Dr. Shelby’s murder and bring the culprit to justice.


Professor Dr. Shelby Stoker (Referred to by first name) (Female): A charismatic and knowledgeable archaeologist, leading the expedition in search of the Wishstone. Dr. Shelby’s murder sets the stage for a night of intrigue and deception.

Jade Brewer
Morgan Mirth (Female): Dr. Shelby’s loyal and clumsy assistant, known for their chaotic nature and unpredictable behavior. As Dr. Shelby’s assistant, Morgan aids Detective Noir in unraveling the secrets surrounding the murder.