(Updated March 31, 2020)

Spotlight Acting School and The Spotlight Playhouse are closing as of Sunday, March 15th due to growing concerns over the spread and control of COVID-19. Currently, the campus is scheduled to reopen when the public school system reopens. 
Online instruction will be provided to students via  our website, email, and remind. (spotlightactingschool.com)  
 We apologize for any inconvenience but ask that families recognize our difficult position and make the necessary adjustments to their calendars.  Families with conflicts can contact Mr. Chad after the campus is reopened to see if there is a possible solution by making a casting switch. No solution can be guaranteed.
The Hounds of Baskerville’s performance dates and times are changing. 
Blue Group – TBA
Purple Group – TBA
Magic Tree House: Dinosaurs Before Dark performance dates and times are changing. 
Blue Group – TBA
Purple Group – TBA
Frozen performance and dress rehearsal dates and times are changing.  TBA
Puff Auditions (Ages 9-14) have been moved to TBA
Sleeping Beauty Auditions (Ages 4-9) are TBA.
Remaining  Short Play Festival Plays are canceled.
Steel Magnolias and Havery are TBA.
We have a contingency plan to add up to  10 more weeks of a more formalized online instruction should the need arise.
STARS will have an additional online session each week and private lessons will still be offered during the shutdown.
The next STARS CABARET has been canceled until further notice.
Film School and Radio Broadcasting start dates will be postponed until Aug 4th.
Thank you all for being flexible and helping us persevere.
Stay safe!

Chad Hembree

Spotlight Acting School


The Music Man
The Music Man

The Spotlight Acting School is a theatre school for children from ages 4 to 18. Our purpose is to provide a creative environment for children who want to learn about performing on stage and to foster a life-long appreciation for the arts. The classes are designed not only to expose children to the various aspects of the theatre but also to teach them how to be comfortable in front of an audience which is a valuable skill for a lifetime.

Charlotte's Web
Charlotte’s Web

Everyone enjoys a good story! As you can imagine, the telling of stories is one of the oldest art forms. When children participate in theatre, they learn teamwork, and how to feel comfortable in front of a crowd. But most of all, they learn to create a story in words, song, and movement. It is an enchanting experience for both performer and audience.

Being in a production is something your child can assimilate and develop as a lifelong skill and pleasure.

Do Something Creative Every Day