Ticketing during COVID-19 (9/11/20)
1. We will continue to reserve tickets directly through Mr. Chad. Texting is best as it helps Mr. Chad not mess things up when it’s in writing. His cell is 859-661-0600
2. We will not accept ticket orders on email or Facebook anymore. Using multiple communication platforms caused us problems and we want to make sure we don’t leave anyone out.
3. You can pay for your tickets when the box office opens 30 minutes before showtime. No early payments are necessary for reservations. Multiple pay sources may be used to split the payment of the reservation, but the entire reservation must be paid for, even if some members of the party do not arrive.
4. Tickets will be sold in pairs from this point on. If you have an odd number party please consider the extra ticket a donation to help us survive until things return to normal.
We welcome suggestions and this will continue to be an evolving process as we discover new problems, however, we will not make any more changes until after Giants to see how this works.


Chad Hembree
Spotlight Acting School

The Spotlight Acting School is a theatre school for children from ages 4 to 18. Our purpose is to provide a creative environment for children who want to learn about performing on stage and to foster a life-long appreciation for the arts. The classes are designed not only to expose children to the various aspects of the theatre but also to teach them how to be comfortable in front of an audience which is a valuable skill for a lifetime.

Charlotte's Web
Charlotte’s Web

Everyone enjoys a good story! As you can imagine, the telling of stories is one of the oldest art forms. When children participate in theatre, they learn teamwork, and how to feel comfortable in front of a crowd. But most of all, they learn to create a story in words, song, and movement. It is an enchanting experience for both performer and audience.

Being in a production is something your child can assimilate and develop as a lifelong skill and pleasure.

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