Phone: 859-661-0600

214 Richmond Road, BEREA, KY

Spotlight Acting School

Est 2004

Founder – Kathie J.R. Bettler (1951-2013)

Motto: “do something creative every day”

Purpose: Spotlight Acting School is a theatre school for children from ages 4 to 18. Our purpose is to provide a creative environment for children who want to learn about performing on stage and to foster a life-long appreciation for the arts. The classes are designed not only to expose children to the various aspects of the theatre but also to teach them how to be comfortable in front of an audience which is a valuable skill for a lifetime.

Mission: Spotlight Acting School has a standing tradition and goal to turn no student away regardless of the ability to pay tuition. In addition Spotlight Acting School is dedicated to the inclusion of children with various physical and mental disabilities to share in the opportunity to participate in the performing arts. All children are taught to work together and support each other in producing each performance. Individual roles are earned through an audition process, but all children who audition are cast in a production.

Education: Spotlight Acting School is first and foremost a program for education. The joy of performing and the feeling of accomplishment after a roaring applause is enough to hook most students into the thrill of performing arts, but what many students do not realize are the quality of life improvements parents notice in their children who participate in our programs. Improved reading, vocabulary, comprehension, focus and self-confidence make our students, tomorrow’s leaders, and our track record of proven success speaks for itself with dozens of parent testimonials.

Campuses: Berea & Richmond (Kentucky)

Spotlight Performing Arts

A 501(c)(3) Charity Organization

Mission: Spotlight Performing Arts, Inc. is a charitable organization created to promote, support and help fund the performing arts in Madison and surrounding counties while primarily focusing on the youth programs of the Spotlight Acting School by providing scholarships and financial aid to talented students seeking to expand their abilities through private lessons, workshops, camps, and productions.
2018-2020 Board of Directors:

Amy Winn – President

Dara Evans

Julie Bucknam

Chad Hembree – Executive Director

The Spotlight Players / Bluegrass Players

The Spotlight Players and the Bluegrass Players are groups of professionals and college performing arts students dedicated to supporting Spotlight Acting School and its programs. Performing with the students in intergenerational shows to let the students experience a high level of technique and to push them to the next level as performers, and performing without the students in professional productions aimed are raising funds through ticket sales to help support the school’s programs and financial aid offerings.

The Spotlight Players perform child-friendly productions appropriate for all audiences. (Alice in Wonderland, Charlotte’s Web, etc.)

The Bluegrass Players perform some of the greatest shows written, but may not be appropriate for all audiences. (Murder Mysteries, Outrageous Comedies,  ect.)