Submission Form 2023


Short plays and musicals that are no more than 15 pages in length with an average runtime of less than 30 minutes.

Writers may submit up to 2 plays, this includes plays they have co-authored.

Each nominee must submit a separate application form.

Plays must be typed using the attached format guide located in the Submission Form 2023.

*New  – Plays presented in previous Spotlight Festivals are eligible for re-submission.

*New – Poetry and short story readings will be accepted as monologues.

The Spotlight Acting School, Inc. Festival Committee, in its sole and absolute discretion, shall select plays for participation in the 2023 Spotlight Festival from among all entries, and its decisions are final. Spotlight Acting School, Inc. reserves the right to remove any selected play from participation if the play, its producers, and/or its authors are not in compliance with the Application and/or the Competition Guidelines, and/or if the additional documents are not signed and returned by the required date.  Production of selected plays shall be at the sole cost and expense of the Producer, and no royalties or other payments are or will be owed by Spotlight Acting School, Inc. or its partner acting troupes or organizations.



The theatre space will include a basic lighting plot with limited pre-set general light cues. Basic sound equipment will be provided.

A limited number of basic set pieces will be available at the theatre.  Additional props, set pieces, etc. may be brought by the producing companies; however, we strongly advise that productions be kept as simple as possible.

Spotlight Acting School, Inc. will further provide all front-and back-of-house personnel and a board operator if needed.



All submissions must be submitted by the Author[s] of the Play.

The author is responsible for co-producing the play in the event that the work is selected as a Festival participant. As a producer, the author agrees to perform his or her obligations under this application, all without the knowledge, consent, or approval of any third party and without infringing the rights or damaging any third party. The responsibilities of the Producer include, but are not limited to, assisting in casting (our 2023 festival is a non-equity festival); working with the appointed director or possibly self-directing the work, assisting technical personnel; attending rehearsals; and assisting with costumes.

Script submissions will be accepted in digital format only. Each submission should be submitted as a PDF, or Microsoft Word compatible document (.doc,.docx). Documents must be labeled as follows: PlayTitle_Author’s Last Name.pdf (or .doc/.docx). Email the completed document as an attachment to [email protected] . No shared links or Google Doc files, please. If you use Google Docs simply export the file to a doc file.

All portions of this application must be completed. A picture of a completed form is fine as an attachment as long as we can read it.

Spotlight Acting School, Inc. will announce the plays chosen for presentation on March 18th, 2023 on the Playhouse website and social media via a live stream presentation.

Submission Form 2023


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Shelby Garner
Shelby Garner

I started at Spotlight Acting School when I was 10yrs old. Spotlight inspired me to do shows with Madison Southern’s theater program once reaching high school. Spotlight made me who I am today; without it and the help of the wonderful Mrs. Kathie J.R Bettler, I would not have gone on and become the woman I am today. Today I am a sophomore at Eastern Kentucky University, majoring in elementary education hoping to graduate in 2017.
I advise any child interested in preforming to become a part of this amazing school. As a great director once told us, “Do something creative everyday.”

Shelby Garner

If you are interested in being next months spotlighted alumni please contact Sarah Bucknam
1-859-625-4176(call/text) or Facebook