Chad Hembree

Executive Director at Spotlight Acting School

Chad Hembree, widely recognized as Mr. Chad, is the heart and soul of Spotlight Acting School. His role as Executive Director is marked by deep involvement in every facet of the school’s functioning. Chad’s approachable nature and broad expertise ensure that if he doesn’t have the answer to a question, he knows who will.

Chad’s journey in the arts began at Berea College, where he majored in performance. His life is deeply rooted in the performing arts, evident in his marriage to Miss Letha and his nurturing of their son, Mason, in the same field. As a seasoned performer and educator, Chad has showcased his acting and singing talents on stages across seven countries.

In the early 1990s, Chad emerged victorious at the Nashville Music City Classic, but he chose a different path instead of pursuing a career in country music. His voice resonated beyond the stage as the host of “Tech Talk with Chad Hembree,” a syndicated radio show that ran for 19 years and reached listeners in 17 states. His technical acumen is further underlined by his certifications as a network engineer and A+ computer technician, showcasing his ability to blend the technical with the artistic seamlessly.

Chad’s entrepreneurial drive has led him to own and manage diverse businesses, ranging from Magazine to a construction company. His leadership at Spotlight Acting School since 2013 has been transformative, significantly increasing the student base and adding innovative programs. He founded the Bluegrass Players adult community acting troupe and introduced inclusive initiatives like the “pay-what-you-can” ticket system.

Chad’s commitment to inclusivity and nurturing children, especially those facing challenges, is central to his educational philosophy. His early exposure to computers and construction provided a strong foundation, allowing him to concentrate on performing arts in college.

Chad has won awards as a radio host (Tech Talk Radio), writer, (, publisher (, television producer (, Director (Brigadoon Studios) and film actor (Hamburger Helpers).  

Beyond his professional pursuits, Chad is an ordained minister and formerly served as the youth minister for the Berea United Methodist Church until his son was born. His active community involvement includes roles on the Berea Human Rights Commission and as an elected councilman. Despite a demanding schedule overseeing more than 200 performances annually, Chad still finds joy in performing with students and the Bluegrass Players.

A Berea native and a Madison Southern High School graduate where he earned the fun superlative as most talented. Chad’s long-standing friendship with Kathie JR Bettler (Spotlight’s founder) has deeply influenced his commitment to Spotlight. As a playwright, he has contributed 13 plays to the school’s portfolio, enriching its cultural offerings.

Fun Fact: Chad’s remarkable 19-year stint as the host of “Tech Talk with Chad Hembree” and his ordained ministry are just a few facets of his multifarious talents, illustrating his capacity to inspire and connect with people in myriad ways.


Letha Hembree

Music Director and Financial Office Manager at Spotlight Acting School


Often referred to as the brain of Spotlight Acting School, Letha Hembree’s role is as multifaceted as it is vital. Married to Executive Director Chad Hembree, for 30 years, a partnership that began in college as performing arts majors, Letha has been an indispensable part of the Spotlight family.

As the Music Director, Letha is instrumental in leading music rehearsals across all three age groups at the school. Her expertise extends to occasional assistance with the Bluegrass Players, showcasing her versatility and commitment to the performing arts community. Beyond her musical duties, Letha adeptly manages the financial office of Spotlight, overseeing all financial aid requests, coordinating with accountants, insurance providers, and handling the responsibilities akin to an office manager on the financial side.

Letha’s musical journey began at the age of four with piano lessons, leading to her becoming an accomplished pianist and a member of the American Guild of Organists. She holds a degree in organ performance and is the choral music teacher at Madison Southern High School. Her nearly 30-year tenure in public school education is a testament to her dedication and passion for music education. Letha’s close friendship and professional relationship with Kathie Bettler, the founder of Spotlight, further deepens her connection to the school.

Her educational background is impressive, with studies at Berea College and Eastern Kentucky University, culminating in a master’s degree in education. Raised in Lexington, where her family ran a Christian bookstore and she attended Lexington Christian School, Letha’s roots in music and faith have been long-standing.

Letha’s match with Mr. Chad by their voice professor at Berea College, Dr. Stephen Bolster, has proven to be a harmonious and enduring partnership. Known for her exceptional music sight-reading abilities, Letha can masterfully play almost any piece set before her, a skill that has earned her respect and recognition within the Kentucky Music Educators Conference and beyond.

Letha and Chad’s son, Mason, is following in his parents’ artistic footsteps, attending Bellarmine University in Louisville, KY, majoring in music composition and dual vocal performance. The legacy of music and arts education continues through their family, embodying the essence of the Spotlight Acting School’s values and mission.

Fun Fact: Letha’s exceptional skill in music sight-reading has often been described as akin to a ‘musical machine,’ capable of brilliantly interpreting and performing a wide array of compositions with remarkable proficiency and ease.


Sarah Jeck:
Director/Choreographer at Spotlight Acting School


Sarah Jeck, a cornerstone of Spotlight Acting School since its inception, has journeyed from a budding student under the guidance of the school’s founder to a leading figure in the institution. Her deep-rooted connection with Spotlight began during her grade school years, laying a foundation for her future contributions to the school.

Upon Chad Hembree taking the helm in 2013, Sarah had already ascended to the role of assistant director. Her leadership potential was swiftly recognized, leading to her rapid advancement as a lead director and choreographer. Currently, Sarah oversees the musical productions for the 14-18 age group and co-leads the 9-14 age group at the school. Her directorial expertise, coupled with her skill in choreography, has become instrumental in shaping the school’s renowned performances.

Sarah’s life is a tapestry of creative endeavors. She is happily married to Dr. AJ, and together they are parents to Melody, a second-generation student at Spotlight, continuing the family’s legacy in the arts. Professionally, Sarah extends her talents to photography and social media marketing, working with Black Box Media.

Spotlight Acting School is more than an educational setting for Sarah; it’s a familial venture. Her brother, Sam, serves as the lead technician, and her father, Randy, is a dedicated volunteer, bringing his artistic skills to the forefront of school activities. Her family’s involvement underlines the communal and familial atmosphere that Spotlight is known for.

Sarah’s journey with Spotlight Acting School is a testament to her passion for the performing arts and her commitment to nurturing the next generation of talent. The school cherishes her enduring presence and looks forward to continuing this fruitful journey together.

Fun Fact: Sarah’s artistic flair isn’t confined to the stage; her photography skills capture life’s moments with the same vigor and emotion she brings to her theatrical work.


Jazzlyn Threlkeld

Director/Choreographer at Spotlight Acting School


Jazzlyn Threlkeld, an alumna of Spotlight Acting School, has been an integral part of the Spotlight community since her middle school years. Her journey at Spotlight has been marked by a seamless transition from student to leader, culminating in her current role as a director shortly after her high school graduation.

Currently attending the University of the Cumberlands, Jazzlyn balances her academic pursuits with her deep commitment to Spotlight. She initially honed her directorial skills as an assistant director under the mentorship of Sarah Jeck. Recognizing her dedication and talent, Sarah recommended Jazzlyn for the role of co-director for the 9-14 age group’s musicals, a position in which Jazzlyn has flourished.

Jazzlyn’s responsibilities have expanded significantly. She now leads straight plays (non-musicals) for both the 9-14 and 14-18 age groups, in addition to her collaborative musical projects with Sarah. In 2023, Jazzlyn embraced the role of lead director for the STARS (Spotlight Theatrical Arts Repertory School) program, making her one of the busiest individuals in the building, donning multiple hats with grace and efficiency.

Beyond her directorial achievements, Jazzlyn is an accomplished dancer and choreographer. She frequently takes the stage with the Bluegrass Players, showcasing her versatile acting skills. Her leadership extends beyond the theater as she is also a devout Christian leader in her church community.

Jazzlyn’s multifaceted talents and unwavering dedication make her a valuable asset to Spotlight Acting School. Her journey from a student to a central figure in the school’s operations is an inspiration to current and future students, demonstrating the heights one can reach with passion and perseverance.

Fun Fact: Jazzlyn’s artistic expression is not limited to the stage; she brings her vibrant energy and creativity to every dance and choreographic piece she touches, infusing them with her unique flair.


Daesha Miller

Director/Choreographer at Spotlight Acting School


Daesha Miller is a cherished member of the Spotlight Acting School family, bringing a wealth of talent and leadership to her role. Her journey is marked by her strong Christian faith and her active involvement in the community as a Sunday school teacher.

Married to Chad Miller, the pastor of Lighthouse Baptist Church, Daesha balances her responsibilities as a pastor’s wife with her commitment to the arts. Together, they have four children: Paelyn and Phoenix, who are students at Spotlight, Presley, who works as a child wrangler for Spotlight as needed, and Silas, a potential future student at the school.

Daesha’s arrival at Spotlight was heralded by her extensive experience in the performing arts. She is a former dance studio owner and a cheerleading coach, skills that she now channels into her role as the lead director for musicals for ages 4-11 at Spotlight. Her expertise in choreography, coupled with her nurturing approach, makes her an ideal mentor for the school’s youngest participants.

In addition to her directorial duties, Daesha frequently showcases her talents as an actor in The Bluegrass Players’ musicals, where her beautiful voice resonates on stage. Her competitive spirit, honed through years of participation and coaching in dance and cheer competitions, adds a dynamic edge to her approach in the performing arts.

Daesha’s multifaceted role at Spotlight Acting School extends beyond instruction; she embodies the values of community, faith, and artistic expression. Her dedication to nurturing young talent and her vibrant presence both on and off stage make her an invaluable asset to the Spotlight family.

Fun Fact: Daesha’s competitive nature isn’t just limited to the cheer mat or the dance floor; she brings this same enthusiasm and drive to every aspect of her work, infusing it with energy and passion.


Bailey Smith

Assistant Director at Spotlight Acting School


Bailey Smith’s journey at Spotlight Acting School has come full circle, from a young student exploring the realms of theater to an Assistant Director nurturing the next generation of performers. Her longstanding association with the school and participation in numerous Bluegrass Players community theater shows have shaped her understanding and love for the performing arts.

Currently attending Eastern Kentucky University, Bailey is pursuing her academic interests while nurturing her passion for children and theater. Her role as an Assistant Director at Spotlight sees her working closely with the youngest members of the school, assisting Miss Daesha. Her ability to connect with and inspire these young students has made her a beloved figure among the school’s community.

Bailey’s approach to teaching and directing is infused with the enthusiasm and understanding that comes from her own experiences as a student at Spotlight. Her dedication to fostering a love for the arts in children, combined with her academic pursuits, positions her as a valuable and empathetic member of the Spotlight team.

Fun Fact: Bailey’s transition from a student to an educator at Spotlight Acting School is a beautiful example of how passion and dedication in the performing arts can come full circle, influencing and inspiring the next wave of young artists.


Jade Brewer

Personal Assistant to Mr. Chad at Spotlight Acting School


Jade Brewer, in her role as the personal assistant to Mr. Chad, has become an indispensable part of the daily operations at Spotlight Acting School. Her involvement in virtually every aspect of the school’s activities over the past year has made her a reliable and invaluable support system for Mr. Chad.

Currently a high school student at Madison Southern High School, Jade actively participates in the theater program and sings in Miss Letha’s choir, showcasing her versatile talents in the performing arts. Her presence on the Spotlight stage has been a constant, and she plans to continue her active involvement until her graduation.

With a beautiful soprano voice, Jade attended the Kentucky Governor’s School for the Arts in 2023 for vocal music, further honing her musical skills. Her dual role as both a student and an employee at Spotlight puts her in a unique position, navigating relationships with her peers while maintaining professionalism. Jade handles this balance with kindness and grace, earning the respect and admiration of her colleagues and friends at the school.

Fun Fact: Jade’s experience at the Kentucky Governor’s School for the Arts is not just a testament to her vocal talent but also reflects her dedication to pursuing excellence in her artistic endeavors, adding another layer of depth to her involvement at Spotlight Acting School.


Sam Bucknam

Lead Tech at Spotlight Acting School


Sam Bucknam, the Lead Tech at Spotlight Acting School, has a long-standing relationship with the school, tracing back to his days as a young student. Although his early years were spent on stage, Sam found his true calling behind the scenes, where he now excels in the technical aspects of theater production.

Currently attending Eastern Kentucky University, Sam is the mastermind behind the seamless technical operations at Spotlight. His expertise encompasses a range of technical areas, including lighting, microphones, and special effects, ensuring that every production at Spotlight is technically sound and visually stunning.

In addition to his technical prowess, Sam is known for his passion for Dungeons and Dragons and video gaming, interests that reflect his creative and strategic thinking skills. His role at Spotlight is crucial, often working behind the curtain to bring the magic of theater to life.

Fun Fact: Sam’s love for Dungeons and Dragons isn’t just a hobby; it mirrors his ability to think creatively and solve problems, skills that are invaluable in his role as Lead Tech at Spotlight Acting School.


Brad Agee

Building Maintenance Manager at Spotlight Acting School


Brad Agee, the Building Maintenance Manager at Spotlight Acting School, plays a crucial role in maintaining and improving the school’s campus. His responsibilities extend beyond routine maintenance; Brad also lends his skills to building sets for productions, showcasing his versatility and handiness in various trades.

His keen attention to detail and exceptional work ethic are the cornerstones of his role at Spotlight. Often described as the left hand to Jade’s right hand role in supporting Mr. Chad, Brad adeptly handles a variety of tasks, ensuring that everything around the campus functions smoothly and efficiently.

Originally from Virginia, where he developed a love for the ocean and occasional surfing, Brad moved to Kentucky during his high school years. His bond with Mr. Chad as brothers is a testament to their unbreakable connection and shared upbringing.

Brad’s interests extend beyond his maintenance role. An avid video gamer, he has a particular fondness for “The Legend of Zelda” series. His love for the outdoors is evident in his passion for camping, an activity he has enjoyed for most of his life. Additionally, Brad runs a lawn maintenance business and handyman service when not working at Spotlight.

His daughter, Elise, attends Madison Southern High School and participates in the theater program, further intertwining Brad’s family life with the Spotlight community. Mr. Chad’s pride in having family members involved in the school is evident, often referring to Spotlight as a “family farm,” echoing the sentiment that America was built on family businesses.

Fun Fact: Brad’s diverse interests, from video gaming to camping, reflect his multifaceted personality and ability to adapt to various roles, whether it’s fixing things around the campus or enjoying the great outdoors.


Elise Agee

TikTok Channel Manager at Spotlight Acting School


Elise Agee, Mr. Chad’s niece, is set to embark on an exciting new venture at Spotlight Acting School as the manager of the school’s TikTok channel. Currently a student at Madison Southern High School, Elise is actively involved in the drama program, honing her skills in the performing arts.

Elise is not new to the world of social media and content creation. She already runs her own successful TikTok channel focused on cosplay, which attracts thousands of visitors each month. This experience positions her perfectly to lead Spotlight’s foray into the TikTok platform, promising to build a substantial following and engaging content.

The school is thrilled to have Elise spearheading this new media project. Her creativity, familiarity with the platform, and understanding of engaging content creation are invaluable assets in this endeavor. Her role involves not just managing the channel but also creatively showcasing the vibrant community and activities of Spotlight Acting School to a broader audience.

Fun Fact: Elise’s proficiency in cosplay and her successful personal TikTok channel reveal her creative flair and digital savvy, traits that are sure to infuse Spotlight’s TikTok presence with originality and appeal.




All of our Volunteers are important, and Spotlight would not run without them. Some volunteers trade time to help with tuition shortfalls and some pitch in whenever asked, however there are a few people that are seen every single week working behind the scenes that you should know.

Kerri Mays

Volunteer at Spotlight Acting School


Kerri Mays’s unwavering dedication as a volunteer at Spotlight Acting School makes her an invaluable member of the community. Her weekly responsibilities include a variety of tasks such as painting, cleaning, organizing, and managing the photo chalkboard in the lobby, an element that adds a personal touch to the school’s atmosphere.

Kerri’s organizational talents are also pivotal in co-coordinating vendor events, festivals, and the annual charity auction for Spotlight, events that are integral to the school’s community engagement and fundraising efforts. Additionally, she plays a crucial role in maintaining the school’s online presence, managing its Facebook updates, and liaising with local media and event calendars to promote Spotlight’s activities.

Beyond her practical contributions, Kerri’s commitment to the school’s mission of inclusion is profound, particularly towards children with special needs. This passion extends to her volunteer work with the Special Olympics, where she contributes her time and energy to support athletes with disabilities.

As the proud mother of Adrian Mays, a regular performer at Spotlight Acting School, Kerri’s connection to the school is both personal and profound. Her involvement in Spotlight is more than just volunteer work; it’s a testament to her belief in the power of performing arts as an inclusive, transformative experience.

Fun Fact: Kerri’s love for Spotlight’s mission of inclusion and her heart for children with special needs is not just limited to the school; her commitment extends to volunteering for the Special Olympics, reflecting her deep compassion and dedication to making a positive impact in the lives of those with special needs.


Susan Coleman

Volunteer at Spotlight Acting School


Susan Coleman is a distinguished volunteer at Spotlight Acting School, bringing her extensive corporate experience in high-level management to the playhouse. Her skills are a boon to the school, where she is involved in a variety of tasks including selling tickets, planning special activities, and readily stepping in to assist wherever needed.

Her ability to adapt to different roles within Spotlight is a reflection of her dynamic professional background. Susan’s hands-on approach and her willingness to tackle a range of responsibilities have made her an indispensable part of the school’s community.

Adding to her connection with Spotlight, Susan’s daughter, Adalynn, is a student at the school and shares her mother’s helpful nature. Susan herself is an active participant in the arts, frequently appearing on stage as a member of the Bluegrass Players in both musicals and plays, showcasing her versatile talent.

One of the most intriguing aspects of Susan’s background is her history as a circus performer, a unique experience that adds to her diverse skill set. This aspect of her past not only highlights her adaptability and creativity but also her adventurous spirit, qualities that she brings to her volunteer work at Spotlight.

Fun Fact: Susan’s past as a circus performer adds an intriguing layer to her personality, reflecting a blend of daring, agility, and the ability to captivate an audience – traits that she now channels into her varied roles at Spotlight Acting School.


Karron Hembree

Volunteer at Spotlight Acting School


Karron Hembree, Mr. Chad’s mother, is a beloved figure at Spotlight Acting School, known for her warm presence and exceptional popcorn-making skills. Each week, she can be found behind the concession counter, delighting patrons with what many consider the best popcorn in Berea.

Before her retirement in the early 2000s, Karron was a skilled retail manager, a role in which she honed her customer service and organizational skills. These abilities now greatly benefit the school, especially in managing the concessions area during performances and events.

Karron is not only adept at managing concessions; she is also a superb cook, a talent she shares generously with her community. Her active involvement in Middletown Baptist Church further reflects her commitment to community service and engagement.

One of the most interesting aspects of Karron’s life is her connection with Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart. She was on a first-name basis with him and even visited his home, an experience that speaks to her personable nature and the interesting encounters she’s had throughout her life.

A lover of travel, Karron has explored various parts of the United States, embracing new experiences and cultures. Her adventurous spirit and love for exploration have no doubt contributed to her rich life experiences.

Fun Fact: Karron Hembree’s ability to create the best popcorn in Berea is just a small part of her story. Her past experiences, from her professional career to her personal encounters and travels, add depth and color to her presence at Spotlight Acting School.


Robin Ray

Volunteer and Event Organizer at Spotlight Acting School


Robin Ray, a volunteer at Spotlight Acting School, brings a high level of education, intelligence, and organizational skill to her role. Known for her meticulous attention to detail, Robin is an essential leader in the planning and execution of Spotlight events. Her organizational prowess is especially evident in her role as a co-organizer of the annual Spotlight charity auction, an event crucial for fundraising and community engagement.

Her ability to manage complex tasks and coordinate various elements of events has made her an invaluable asset to the school. Robin’s leadership and organizational skills not only ensure the smooth running of events but also contribute to creating memorable experiences for all participants.

Married to Chuck, Robin is also a proud parent; their daughter Sydney is a student at Spotlight Acting School. This personal connection to the school adds depth to her involvement, as she is not only a volunteer but also a parent who experiences the school’s impact firsthand.

Fun Fact: Robin’s excellence in organization and event planning at Spotlight Acting School is a reflection of her broader skill set and intellectual prowess, making her an indispensable part of the school’s community and a role model for parents and volunteers alike.


Dana Seale

Volunteer at Spotlight Acting School


Dana Seale plays a unique and stylish role at Spotlight Acting School as the person in charge of apparel bearing the school’s logo. Leveraging her personalized apparel business, Dana ensures that the Spotlight community always looks sharp and on-trend. Her keen eye for fashion and trends keeps the school’s apparel appealing and relevant.

Apart from her role in managing the school’s branded clothing, Dana is an all-around volunteer, contributing her time and energy wherever needed. She is often seen selling tickets, ushering, working behind the concession counter, or assisting in enrolling new students during auditions. Her versatility and willingness to jump in wherever she’s needed make her a valuable asset to the Spotlight team.

Dana’s passion for travel and her status as a Disney super fan add an adventurous and fun-loving dimension to her personality. Married to Gene, they share a son, Landon, who shines brightly as one of Spotlight’s stars. The Seale family’s close bond with the Spotlight community extends beyond the school premises; they have traveled with Mr. Chad and the Spotlight family to destinations like Belize, Honduras, and Mexico, further cementing their connection to the school and its people.

Fun Fact: Dana’s love for travel and her enthusiasm for Disney adventures reflect her spirited approach to life, a quality that she brings to her multifaceted role at Spotlight Acting School.


Crissy Reed and Rick Reed

Volunteers at Spotlight Acting School


Crissy and Rick Reed are a married couple whose dedication and skills have made them an integral part of the Spotlight Acting School family. Their involvement is so deep-rooted that it’s hard to recall a show in recent years that hasn’t benefited from their touch.

Crissy, known as the painting extraordinaire at Spotlight, has a surprising fun fact: she actually dislikes painting. Despite this, her skill and dedication to creating visually stunning sets are evident in each production. Her ability to transform spaces into vibrant, engaging backdrops plays a key role in bringing the magic of theater to life.

Rick, on the other hand, is the master carpenter of the duo. His craftsmanship is crucial in constructing sturdy, creative sets that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Outside of Spotlight, Rick has an exciting life as a race car driver and mechanic, showcasing his diverse talents and interests.

Together, Crissy and Rick have a daughter, Tiffany, who embodies the versatile spirit of the Spotlight community. Not only does she excel in the Spotlight Acting School, but she is also frequently called upon to participate in adult shows, highlighting her exceptional talent and adaptability.

Fun Fact: The contrast between Crissy’s skill in painting for the theater and her personal dislike for the task is a testament to her commitment to the arts and the Spotlight community. Similarly, Rick’s passion for race car driving and mechanics adds an intriguing dimension to his role as a master carpenter, reflecting the diverse talents and interests that enrich the Spotlight family.


John and Sarepta Bailey

Volunteers at Spotlight Acting School


John and Sarepta Bailey are a dynamic duo at Spotlight Acting School, known for their versatility and unwavering commitment. Both are cross-trained in managing the box office, handling concessions, and ushering, but their contributions go far beyond these roles. They are the quintessential “do-it-all” types, a presence that has become a staple at the school with their consistent participation every week.

Their deep involvement in the Berea Baptist Church, where they hold leadership positions, speaks to their strong community spirit and leadership skills. This sense of commitment and community service extends to their work at Spotlight Acting School.

Both of their children are active participants in Spotlight, reflecting the family’s deep connection to and belief in the school’s mission. This connection is a driving force behind John and Sarepta’s intention to remain involved with Spotlight for the foreseeable future.

John, in particular, is known for his handyman skills. He is always ready to fix anything that needs attention, often at a moment’s notice, showcasing his practical skills and readiness to assist wherever needed.

Fun Fact: The Baileys’ dedication to both their church and Spotlight Acting School exemplifies their commitment to community and service. John’s quick response to fixing things and Sarepta’s multifaceted involvement highlight their willingness to go above and beyond, making them invaluable members of the Spotlight family.


Randy Bucknam

Volunteer at Spotlight Acting School


Randy Bucknam, Spotlight Acting School’s artist extraordinaire, continually astonishes audiences with his remarkable creative talents. His skill set ranges from painting realistic scenes to engineering with foam, 3D printing, and creating special effects. Randy’s artistic genius is evident in nearly every production at Spotlight, where his work significantly enhances the visual and experiential aspects of the performances.

Randy is not only a talented artist at Spotlight but also a professional designer by trade, bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his work at the school. His professional background in design undoubtedly contributes to the intricacy and quality of his artistic creations for Spotlight’s productions.

Beyond his artistic and professional endeavors, Randy is deeply connected to the Spotlight community as the father of Miss Sarah and Sam, the school’s lead tech. This family connection underscores the communal and familial atmosphere that Spotlight is known for.

In addition to his artistic and professional pursuits, Randy is a martial arts instructor and holds a black belt, showcasing his diverse interests and skills. His involvement in martial arts speaks to his discipline and dedication, qualities that are mirrored in his artistic work at Spotlight.

Fun Fact: Randy’s expertise in martial arts complements his artistic talents, reflecting a balance of discipline, creativity, and physical skill. This unique combination of talents contributes to his ability to create dynamic and engaging art for Spotlight Acting School’s productions.


Chris Sexton

Volunteer at Spotlight Acting School


Chris Sexton plays a vital role at Spotlight Acting School, leveraging his skills as a master builder and a jack-of-all-trades. His work in maintenance and set construction has been instrumental in creating some of the most elaborate and long-lasting sets for the school’s productions.

As one of Mr. Chad’s closest friends, Chris’s connection with Spotlight goes beyond just his professional contributions. The friendship between Chris and Chad is evident in the time they spend together, reflecting a strong bond that extends into their work at the school.

Chris’s daughter, Jasmine, is a student at Spotlight, further solidifying his family’s involvement and commitment to the school’s community. His role as a parent at Spotlight offers him a unique perspective on the school’s impact on its students and their families.

In addition to his building and maintenance work, Chris is known for his expertise in grilling, often bringing his culinary skills to various school events. He also serves as a sound technician for music events at Spotlight, where his work has garnered him friendships with many area musicians.

Fun Fact: Chris’s reputation as an excellent grill master and sound technician for music events highlights his diverse skill set, adding a flavorful and auditory dimension to his contributions at Spotlight Acting School.


Janelle Nutter

Volunteer at Spotlight Acting School


Janelle Nutter is often the first friendly face people see at Spotlight Acting School, where she handles payments and student enrollments. Known for her warm and welcoming demeanor, Janelle particularly enjoys audition days for the opportunity they bring to meet new people and welcome them into the Spotlight family.

Her involvement with the school goes beyond her administrative duties. As an active member of the Church of Latter-Day Saints, Janelle, along with her husband Ben, who is a scout troop leader, shares a strong bond with the community. This sense of community and service is an integral part of her life and work.

Janelle and Ben’s commitment to community and youth development is reflected in their family life as well. Both of their daughters attend Spotlight Acting School and are recognized for their talent in acting, highlighting the family’s deep connection to and passion for the performing arts.

Fun Fact: Janelle’s enthusiasm for audition days and her role in welcoming new students and families to Spotlight Acting School is a testament to her genuine love for community building and her joy in seeing young talents flourish in the performing arts.


Marsha Threlkeld

Volunteer and Music Educator at Spotlight Acting School


Marsha Threlkeld, a weekly regular at Spotlight Acting School, is not only known for being Jazzlyn’s mother but also for her extensive background as a retired music educator. With a wealth of experience in music education, Marsha brings invaluable knowledge and expertise to the Spotlight community.

Despite her retirement, Marsha’s passion for teaching continues. She still teaches part-time at a Christian school and is a dedicated Sunday school teacher, reflecting her commitment to education and her devout Christian faith. Her ongoing involvement in education, both secular and religious, highlights her dedication to nurturing young minds.

At Spotlight Acting School, Marsha’s presence is a significant asset. She assists wherever needed, demonstrating versatility and a willingness to contribute in various capacities. Her frequent performances with the school showcase not just her musical talent but also her enthusiasm for being actively involved in the school’s activities.

Fun Fact: Marsha’s ability to balance her roles as an educator, a devout Christian, and a performer at Spotlight Acting School exemplifies her multifaceted skills and her commitment to the arts and her community.


Kelly Fischer

Choreographer and Educator at Spotlight Acting School


Kelly Fischer, a professional educator with Fayette County Schools, brings a lifetime of experience in dance and choreography to Spotlight Acting School. Her exceptional skills in choreography are not just a boon to the school’s productions; they are a source of inspiration and learning for the students.

Kelly’s expertise in dance is matched by her innate ability for diffusing tension and excelling in conflict resolution. Her kind and compassionate approach makes her one of the kindest people at Spotlight, contributing to a positive and nurturing environment. This natural talent for maintaining harmony is invaluable in a dynamic setting like a performing arts school.

In addition to her professional career and choreography, Kelly is a devoted mother. Her daughter, Addyson, is a frequent star on the Spotlight stage, demonstrating the family’s deep involvement in the arts. Kelly’s assistance in Sarah’s shows adds to the familial atmosphere at Spotlight, especially since Sarah is her niece, further solidifying the strong community ties within the school.

Fun Fact: Kelly’s combination of professional education expertise, superb choreography skills, and her natural talent for conflict resolution highlight her multifaceted contributions to Spotlight Acting School. Her presence not only enhances the school’s dance and performance quality but also its community spirit.