Film Acting Class Spring 2023

This year the film acting students will be creating a comedy sitcom based on a bunch of students in an acting school. The set will be in various locations throughout the playhouse. Each episode will be filmed on a single set and cover a different theme each week mostly poking fun at or exaggerating each character’s experience.

  1. On March 11th screen test will be conducted for students interested in joining the film acting class.
  2. Classes will begin on March 18th.
  3. Each week students will be given short scripts they will need to memorize for the next week.
    The scene will be run with acting coaching and direction during the first half of each class and filmed in the second half.
  4. Attendance for a filming schedule is very important and absences need to be scheduled in advance.
  5. Students must come prepared each week so as not to hold up the filming schedule.
  6. The audition is simple, the screen test will consist of reciting lines to the camera or having conversations. Additionally, each student will fill out a questionnaire.
  7. Tuition $75.00 per month (3-month commitment March 18 – June 17)
  8. Students currently enrolled in a show with Spotlight ActingSchool will receive a 50% per month discount on film school tuition. ($40 permonth)
  9. STARS students will receive a 60% discount per month discounton film school tuition. ($30 per month)
  10. Film Acting students cannot join Film Production class but may join the News Team.


Film School