Film Production Class Spring 2023

  1. Open enrollment is on March 11th.
  2. The film production team will meet twice each week and have weekly homework assignments all aimed at improving a filmmaker’s production skills.
  3. One session each week will consist of directing and filming the weekly comedy series. Contributing to the script will also be welcomed.
  4. The other session will be editing and presenting the comedy series, news program, and any live events covered.
  5. Additionally, live event coverage will be offered to film production students.
  6. No camera is needed for Film production students this session.
  7. Access to a notebook computer is highly recommended for editing and writing.
  8. Tuition $75.00 per month (3-month commitment March 18 – June 17)
  9. Students currently enrolled in a show with Spotlight ActingSchool will receive a 50% per month discount on film school tuition. ($40 permonth)
  10. STARS students will receive a 60% discount per month discounton film school tuition.
    ($30 per month)

Students covering live events will earn credit for hours worked. 
Live Event Coverage

Students covering live events for Spotlight will earn a credit of $10 per hour or towards tuition. The maximum amount of hours spent covering an event each month must not exceed 7.5 hours.

Film School