Embark on a Mysterious Journey with “The Broken House” by The Bluegrass Players!

The Bluegrass Players are thrilled to announce their upcoming production, “The Broken House,” a captivating tale that delves into the mysteries of childhood, friendship, and the passage of time. Directed by Chad Hembree, this play invites audiences to explore the intricacies of memory and the bonds that define us. Set in a small town, “The Broken House” follows the story of Anne Marie and her friend Hannah, who spends her summers in the intriguing and seemingly haunted house next door.

“The Broken House” is a narrative rich with nostalgia, secrets, and the magic of youth. It unfolds in a neighborhood where the past and present intertwine, leading the characters on a journey of discovery and self-realization. The play’s atmosphere, combined with its poignant and heartfelt script, promises to deliver a memorable theatrical experience.

Audition Date: June 4, 6:30 pm
Location: The Spotlight Playhouse – 214 Richmond Rd, Berea, KY
Age Group: Intergenerational
Director: Chad Hembree
Performance Dates: August 30-Sept 1
Rehearsal Schedule: Tuesday and Thursday Evenings.
Cost: Participation is free.
Casting Policy: We seek to cast a diverse group of performers who can bring depth and authenticity to the complex characters of the story. Auditions will evaluate the actors’ ability to convey the nuanced emotions and timeless themes of “The Broken House.”
Audition Details: Cold Reading and following directions. Also, actors may prepare a monologue that showcases their ability to capture the essence of their desired role, demonstrating emotional depth and a strong presence. 
Contact Information: For more information and audition specifics, please contact Chad Hembree at [email protected] or call 859-661-0600.

Dive into the enigmatic world of “The Broken House” and be part of a production that explores the shadows and lights of childhood memories. Join us in bringing this touching story to life on the stage of Spotlight Acting School.

“The Broken House” features a cast of characters who bring to life the play’s themes of memory, friendship, and the passage of time. Here is a character breakdown for the production:

  1. Anne Marie: The central character who narrates the story. She is reflective, observant, and has a strong connection to her past. Anne Marie guides the audience through her childhood memories, particularly the summer that changed everything.
  2. Hannah: Anne Marie’s childhood friend, who is imaginative and adventurous. She is drawn to the mysterious “Broken House” and forms a deep bond with its new inhabitants. Hannah is central to the unfolding mystery and the heart of the play’s exploration of friendship.
  3. Ali (Alison): A new girl in town who moves into the Broken House. Ali is friendly, curious, and quickly becomes friends with Hannah. She is pivotal in revealing the house’s secrets and has her own story that intertwines with the main narrative.
  4. Mrs. Hobbs: Ali’s mother, a warm and nurturing figure. She is seen in the flashbacks and is integral to the family dynamics within the Broken House. Her character adds depth to the historical layer of the play.
  5. Danny: Ali’s older brother, who is on leave from military service. Danny is charismatic and protective of his sister. His character provides insight into the family’s past and the larger historical context affecting the town.
  6. Mr. Hobbs: Ali’s father, who is more serious and concerned about the world around him, including the war and its effects on his family. His character helps to ground the play’s historical setting and the impact on the family.
  7. Anne Marie’s Dad and Stepmom: They provide background to Anne Marie’s family life and contribute to the theme of changing family dynamics. Their perspectives add another layer to the narrative, showing the adult viewpoint on the children’s adventures and concerns.

The play moves between past and present, with the adult Anne Marie reflecting on her childhood experiences and interactions with these characters. Each role contributes to the overarching themes of the play, exploring the complexities of memory, the passage of time, and the impact of friendships and family relationships.